Lucille Ball & I Love Lucy



A film, television, stage and radio actress. Comedienne, model, film executive and first woman to ever run a studio. Still holds the title as the Queen of comedy and is also known as the first lady of television. Her face has been seen by more people, more times than the face of any other human being who ever lived. Identifiable by just her first name: Lucy.


First television show filmed in a movie studio in front of a live audience, first sitcom to use three film cameras to capture all the action simultaneously, first comedy show to use guest stars on a continuing basis and the first program to feature a pregnant woman.

Hey, love your blog and I Love Lucy, one of my favorite shows. I dont know where you live but on the Hallmark channel this Saturday is an all day I Love Lucy marathon for anyone who wants to spend the weekend watching her!

I don’t have the Hallmark channel myself but thanks for letting me and everyone following this blog know. I will leave this here so people can see =)

I ADORE YOUR BLOG. I loved I Love Lucy when I was a kid, and now I just want to watch it all again! Thank you for running this beauty!

Thank you! I’m glad it inspires you to watch it again. It’s such a great show and will never fail to make people laugh :’)


Lucille Ball photographed for Dance, Girl, Dance (1940)


Lucille Ball photographed for Dance, Girl, Dance (1940)


I forgot the date of our anniversary. And my wife is not speaking to me. I tried to tell her today that I was sorry and everything, but she won’t budge. And then I had an idea…

The book I read was, J. Edgar and Clyde Tolson by Darwin Porter. The author flat out says that Hoover and his boyfriend were friends with Lucy and Desi up until the mid-50s when she was accused of being a communist. That was actually the first time I heard about that. Just curious what you thought.

Ah, I see. I’m always sceptical of what I read but I’m really no expert on J. Edgar so I have no right to an opinion. As far as Lucy goes tho, she was cleared of all charges (as you hopefully know?) and J. Edgar seems to have written those letters to Lucy after she was accused because one of the letters came after the episode The Great Train Robbery - Season 5 (where she mentioned the FBI in one of her lines.) 

Is it true that Lucy and Desi were good friends with J. Edgar Hoover and Hoover' boyfriend? I just read it in a biography, and just curious if it's true, or not.

Whether they were good (close) friends or not I can’t recall atm but he was obviously involved with the Arnazes in a few matters over the years. J. Edgar Hoover seemed to be quite a big fan of Lucy and her show. He wrote her a couple of fan letters during the run of I Love Lucy and also said that Lucy and Desi were his favorite of the entertainment world.

I don’t know which book you read but I was under the impression that J. Edgar being gay was a rumor and hasn’t really been confirmed? I don’t know enough about him to say tho. 

desilous asked:
Hi! :) I have two question: Is it true she got arthritis during her modeling career and had to relearn how to walk? And is it true that her eyebrows never grew back after she shaved them off in 1933 for a film (i cant remember the name)? Thank you!

She confirmed both of these things in her autobio and it’s been stated in other books as well :)