Lucille Ball & I Love Lucy



A film, television, stage and radio actress. Comedienne, model, film executive and first woman to ever run a studio. Still holds the title as the Queen of comedy and is also known as the first lady of television. Her face has been seen by more people, more times than the face of any other human being who ever lived. Identifiable by just her first name: Lucy.


First television show filmed in a movie studio in front of a live audience, first sitcom to use three film cameras to capture all the action simultaneously, first comedy show to use guest stars on a continuing basis and the first program to feature a pregnant woman.

Born a brunette, Lucille Ball was turned into a platinum blonde by Hattie Carnegie, the New York designer for whom Lucille Ball modeled in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Carnegie thought Lucy resembled (then-blonde) actress Joan Bennett, a Carnegie client. Her hair remained blonde and became gradually darker (brownish) until she arrived at MGM in the 1940s. It was there that famous hair designer Sydney Guilaroff created the flaming red-orange shade with which Lucy became forever identified. Lucy herself said her career was basically blah until she became a redhead, and then things took off. 

In her book, The Encyclopedia of Hair: A Cultural Study, Victoria Sherrow writes that, “Red hair became more popular in the twentieth century both in Europe and the United States. Some historians say that color films and television [i.e, Lucy?] played a key role, since blond and red shades show up well in those media. Other analysts point out that red hair was often associated with a passionate personality type.” This begs the fascinating question: which came first: Lucy Ricardo’s red hair or her passionate desire to get out of the house and into show business?
- Lucy A to Z by Michael Karol 
(Here shown in Du Barry Was a Lady, 1943) 

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